Prepping your wall.

We recommend patch testing your wall with the sample we send you before applying your walltree. Any issue with this fabric adhesive is usually due to the paint on the wall. 

Preparing your wall for our sample swatch.

There are a few guidelines we like to follow when patch testing walls. Follow the steps below and you're in safe hands.

  • Apply to walls only.
  • Do not use on bubbling or flaky paint, or excessively painted walls as this will cause more issues with your wall.
  • Don't use on brick or rendered walls at all. These stickers are designed for flat surfaces and won't look great on exposed walls like these.
  • Do not use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on your walls before applying the sticker.
  • Use a warm cloth to clean the surface of the wall before application.
  • Only apply the sticker to a smooth, completely dry surface.
  • Peel and place your sample sticker on the wall to test the surface. 
  • Leave for 24 hours, then peel off.

If you're happy with your sample sticker test, then you are safe to apply your walltree sticker. 

Paint information.

  • Walls should have two coats of paint and be correctly primed before application.
  • It is also recommended to avoid walls painted with Wash and Wear paint or Teflon based paint, as this may reduce the adhesion of your sticker.
  • If your walls are painted with Wash and Wear or Teflon based paint, we recommend using a self-adhesive prep coat prior to installation. This increases the adhesion of the decal.