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walltree - play time

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Meet Play Time.

Ready, set, play. Our most colourful design, Play Time reminds us of summer fruits and a really good time. Fun, contemporary, bursting with colour, and here to make your walls say HELLO. We made this design for those who might not necessarily be religious, but still love the holiday season, and want a statement piece for their wall. Imagine all the fun you'll have matching your wrapping paper and gifts to the colours in this design. 

Why a walltree over a real tree?

Easy. A walltree sticker is:

  • Reusable & less wasteful
  • Water, tear, wrinkle and scratch resistant
  • Easy to store away - it won't curl or shrink
  • Easy to apply and take down
  • Won't ruin your walls or make a mess
  • Ideal for smaller rooms or busier homes
  • A better design fit for your home than your average Christmas tree
  • PVC and heavy-metal free

Sizes available:

Regular: 150cm x 75cm

Large: 190cm x 90cm


Why did we make them?

Each year, 120 million Christmas trees get cut down. What a waste. Walltree is a more sustainable replacement and an affordable solution to expensive, inconvenient, and downright wasteful trees. Plus, they leave extra space on your floor for presents. 

What’s the walltree sticker made from?

Waterproof, tear-proof, scratch-proof, non-toxic European woven fabric. It offers 99% blockout to maintain the integrity of the design on any wall, and comes with a 99% guarantee that your wall will be residue free when the sticker is removed. 

Where is your tree made?

In our home, Australia.

How to use it?

Please read our prepping your wall information to insure your walls are suitable.

Pick a wall, any wall. Take down that poster of the puppies or your foam mirror. Remove the backing of your walltree and starting from the top, press it firmly against your wall. Step back, marvel at your handiwork and hear the distant hum of Mariah Carey’s 1994 Christmas album.